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SAP S4 HANA Deployment to 36 Hospitals

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Juggling SAP, Pandemic and Remote Deployments


SAP deployments are tricky at the best of the time. But imagine trying to deploy to 36 hospital sites simultaneously, in the middle of a pandemic, when no one is allowed on site to run workshops, meetings or training events. Add to that the fact that you are working with a hospital group who were under increasing pressure from the NHS to help out more with the spiralling pandemic. And, if that wasn't hard enough, imagine being brought in half way through the programme because it wasn't delivering fast enough in the first place and being asked to recover it!

"Having successfully completed the roll out of SAP S4 to 36 sites, I would definitely attribute the success of this challenging project to the BrightFrog Team. They were well organised, diligent and supportive and above all else, recognised the skills, experience and effort of the internal Project Team, leading to the two project teams working well together !"

Well that is exactly what BrightFrog did. After being asked to under take an audit of the failing programme, using our LEAP Framework, BrightFrog made a list of observations and recommendations that would help get the SAP S4 HANA implementation back on track.

The Executive Committee were supportive of our recommendations and asked the BrightFrog team to come in and recover the programme. And, that is exactly what we did!

We mobilised a team consisting of a Programme Director, Project Managers, Testers, Change Management, Data Management and Technical SAP consultants.

The client, keen to make up for lost time, were adamant on having a "Big Bang Approach" and going live with all 36 hospitals in one weekend. The level of planning and preparation to facilitate such an approach was extremely challenging and complex.

However, the combination of our BrightFrog team, working in conjunction with all the experts within the client's business, managed to complete the successful cutover of all 36 sites within one weekend.

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