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The largest and most successful Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system roll out

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

With the introduction of a single patient management system, this was hailed as the largest and most successful implementation of IMS MAXIMS

The rollout forms part of our client's digital health strategy, which aims to build an integrated healthcare system to deliver advanced digital health services to its clinicians, patients and payors.

Our client had been attempting to replace their legacy EPR system with IMS MAXIMS for over 4 years and had managed to roll it out to only 12 hospitals. A lack of strong programme management, poor stakeholder management and inexperienced resources meant that the delivery was behind schedule.

Having previously implemented SAP into all their Hospitals in a “Big Bang” approach, BrightFrog were asked if we could provide a programme team that would help implement IMS MAXIMS into the remaining 24 hospitals as well as upgrading the original 12 existing ones.

The request was to convert all hospitals at the same time over one weekend and a timeline of only 10 months.

Within the 10 months, we :

  • Developed and managed the new plan to support a multi site big bang deployment approach

  • Defined and supported the recruitment of the required team structure

  • Defined the governance process that would lead to the ultimate success of the programme

This resulted in a Successful Go-Live, which included upgrading 12 existing hospitals to the latest version of MAXIMS, 24 sites had MAXIMS implemented, 24 sites had legacy EPR decommissioned and over 2000 users were trained.

"The simultaneous go-live of a new EPR at 21 hospitals on the same day is an unprecedented achievement.”

With the introduction of a single patient management system, this was hailed as the largest and most successful implementation of IMS MAXIMS. They are now the first independent healthcare provider in the UK to implement a system of this scale across all of its hospitals. Over 11,000 users of the system are now able to manage all aspects of the patient pathway including patient admissions and discharge, referral management and triage, scheduling and appointment correspondence, order communications, referral to treatment pathways, real-time bed management and theatre management.

“The introduction of MAXIMS EPR into the organisation has transformed the way in which operate and provide our services. Bringing all parts of the patient record into one place and providing a consistent approach to how we carry out processes means we are able to ensure we are constantly providing the highest quality of care to our patients. This has been a monumental achievement for the UK team working alongside our colleagues and sets the bar for our digital health journey.”

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