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Welcome to our story......

Our Mission

At BrightFrog, we understand the power of combining Technology and Healthcare and the positive impact that this can have on patient’s lives.


Our mission it to use our extensive experience in Healthcare Digital Transformation and work with our Global Healthcare partners, to ensure that technology is making a difference every single day.

Our Story

Bright Frog was established in 2014 with a mission to change the way consultancy services were provided in the Healthcare sector. We set out to prove that a good consultancy can deliver both the "Theory" and the "Reality".  Our CIO and Strategy Advisory Function helps CIO's and organisations to plan out their strategies, programmes and run health checks (the theory), whilst our delivery team are able to execute meticulously against these plans (the reality).


The reason we are so successful is very simple. It is down to our people. We basically started to collect all the great people that we have worked with in the past, that held the same values of quality and excellence that we did. We brought them all together under the Bright Frog banner and we now have teams that are capable of delivering against the most complex of challenges. We are also all "People - People" at Bright Frog, which means we place a huge emphasis on getting things done by working collaboratively, in unison with your existing teams and people. We are at home just as much working with junior members of staff, as with the CEO, CFO and CIOs.


From humble beginnings in 2014, recommendations and referrals alone, meant we continued to grow and started to add more Global clients to our customer list, including Global Pharmaceutical Companies, Private Healthcare Organisations, Clinical Research, Bio-technology, Vaccine Manufacturers and Medical Device companies. Our track history of delivering great projects, whilst remaining extremely cost competitive led to more repeat business and new clients. 


In 2019 we moved to new offices and even acquired an office dog, Mila. Not very good at project management, but she is the best in the team at chasing squirrels.


Despite the challenges of 2020, we continued to grow, doubling our revenue and adding an additional 20 consultants to our teams. We provided advisory services to many companies (small and large) and delivered two of our largest programmes to date.


Our informal, friendly, yet experienced and dedicated approach means that we are now recognised as one of the most trusted, brightest, leading small consultancy's in the UK and we are relishing everything that the future brings.

Since the Pandemic, we have continued to grow throughout 2021 and 2022 and with an exciting pipeline for 2023, we look set to break all records once again.

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