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Digital Transformation that improved the Customer and Employee Experience

Digital Transformation underpinned by a new CRM Salesforce System.


The World of business is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Consumer demands are increasing, expectations are instant and value for money is a given constant. Internally, since the Covid pandemic, employees are striving for the perfect work-life balance, ideal working conditions and working for employers that match their moral compass.

"Without a shadow of doubt, this programme was successful due to the timely introduction of BrightFrog. Their structured approach, calmness and professionalism took the whole team on the successful journey."

Transformation Programmes have always been exciting, but against this ever changing landscape, the potential and opportunities to excel are like never before.

Our client first contacted after their internal efforts to achieve transformation were significantly faltering. An external audit of their programme by their accounting firm highlighted that things needed to change and FAST.

BrightFrog were initially engaged to review the entire programme and make recommendations on how the programme could be brought back from the brink and, more importantly, whether it could still deliver against expectations.

After an initial review, it was evident that the programme was lacking in several key areas. Overall governance and control was poor, despite it being a multi million pound programme. In addition, the bigger picture, Vision and Strategy was also extremely muddled and confusing and the related Technical Strategy was not fit for purpose. Furthermore, the organisation's ability to deliver programmes to time, budget and quality was not well evidenced.

BrightFrog presented a compelling overview to the Executive Committee and the feedback was so positive that we were asked to lead the whole Global Transformation.

Fast forward 12 months and we successfully completed :

1. Establishing an effective governance structure that meant all stakeholders were kept informed of progress, projects were delivered on time and to standards, employees were engaged and enthused and the whole programme was run in controlled and sensible manner.

  • Helping the organisation define their Vision and Strategy

  • Defining the objectives for the programme

  • Running all the kick off meetings and facilitation workshops

  • Compiling a financial tracker to keep accurate project costs

  • Defining the appropriate programme organisation structure and helping resource all the roles

  • Defining and managing the change and comms plans

  • Strong programme management using realistic planning techniques

  • Formal status updates to board executives

  1. New Technology was implemented, including the successful implementation of Salesforce, Cloud based infrastructure, improvements to end user effectiveness and a whole new data capability.

  2. For the employee, we helped streamline business processes and removed duplication and error prone activities. This allowed them more time to focus on the value added activities and ultimately grow the business.

  3. The icing on the cake for us was that the external audit was undertaken again and they remarked at what an amazing turnaround we had completed on the programme and gave it a green bill of health.

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