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What we do

Transformation is a journey. There is a beginning and a destination.


At BrightFrog we help our clients to work out exactly what their destination looks like and to understand from where they are starting. We call this our Strategy and Advisory practice and using our considerable industry knowledge we help our clients to define roadmaps and strategies that will help them reach that destination. In the last 12 months alone, we have helped numerous Global

Healthcare organisations to define their Digital Roadmaps, Data Strategies, Technology Strategies and even Organisational Strategies.

Once the Strategy is clear, the next stage we call Delivery. Moving from the current state to the future state is achieved through a series of well planned projects, programmes and business change initiatives.

In order to deliver the change, you need People. Our own team of Programme Directors, Project Managers, Change Managers, Architects and other delivery professionals have successfully delivered 100’s of programmes into Healthcare clients. They have all been hand picked by us and we consider them to be the best in the Healthcare Technology Industry.

And this is why we use the  strap line :



Our Approach

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