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Refer us and earn £1,000

What is a referral scheme ?


At BrightFrog, we have set ourselves an ambitious target of doubling the size of our business every year. Most of our work comes from delighted customers that continue to use our services or recommend us to colleagues in other businesses.

Put simply, we would love you to make a genuine introduction to anyone you feel would benefit from working with a great organisation such as BrightFrog.

And what's more, we will pay you for it!

So...... how does it work?

The answer is very easy. You already know what we do at BrightFrog. We work with organisations that are going through transformational change. We help them on the strategy, the delivery and we provide only the best consultants in the business.

If you know a company that could benefit from our assistance with strategy and project delivery or even just need a few helping hands to provide a bit more "ooomph", then this is the scheme for you.


What is in it for me ?


Aside from the fact that you will feel good about yourself, we will show our appreciation in several ways :

  • A coffee voucher or tree planting for every referral that results in a conversation with a potential new client

  • £1,000 thank you payment for every referral that turns into a new client

  • And the above is repeatable as many times as you like! 

Ok, I'm in! What do I need to do?

Think about people in your network that are most likely to want to work with BrightFrog. Organisations that are going through transformational change, delivering lots of projects or need some additional firepower.

Make an introduction to BrightFrog by copying, pasting and editing the content below into an email.

CC us on the email ( and when we make contact with the client, 
we will reward you with a coffee or plant a tree.

If the lead turns into a new client for us, we will pay you a £1,000 thankyou.

Repeat the above process as many times as you like!

And that's it. What are you waiting for ?


Copy/Paste/Edit/Send/Drink Coffee

Hi (insert name),
(insert your normal greeting/friendly opener)We have been working (with/for) BrightFrog for a few months/years and think you would really benefit from the amazing services they offer. They specialise in transformational change and deliver technology strategy and projects to a very high standard.  They have an amazing team that make a massive impact from day 1 and are great to work with.So (insert referral name), please meet (insert BrightFrog consultant name). I'll leave it with you to pick up from here.
Many thanks
(your name)

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