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BrightFrog Supports Ukraine

In April of this year, along with everyone in the UK, we watched on horrified as the tragic events unfolded in Ukraine.

Images of young mothers and children, separated from their husbands and fathers as their fate and destinies remained unknown.

At BrightFrog we decided that we could help in a small way.

Since COVID, our Frog Lodge has stood mainly empty, as our consultants have evolved new ways of working at client sites and have embraced remote working.

We decided that with a little bit of work, it could become a welcoming home for a Ukrainian family.

We were blown away by the community spirit as small teams of decorators, electricians, plumbers and carpenters helped us to undertake our own mini DIY Makeover. An oven, washing machine, fridge, shower and new lighting were all implemented by our team.

Beds were constructed (even without the instructions) and the finishing touches of gifts, flowers and kitchen and bathroom essentials were added. We were overjoyed when the local council gave it a glowing review and it passed all the necessary checks.

The well documented visa fiasco took some time to navigate, but eventually we safely brought not one, but two families to Frog Lodge in late April and we have worked hard to make them feel as safe, welcomed and cared for as we can.

Frog lodge stands at the side of BrightFrog woods and our new friends have commented how nice it is to awaken to the sound of birdsong, instead of to the sounds of bombs and destruction. The children can now run free in the fields, free from the worries of another country.

Although Mila the office dog has lost her favourite place on the office floor, she has gained several new play buddies and couldn't be happier.

Whilst at BrightFrog, we love the excitement of working with a new client, we relish the challenge of a complex programme and we especially enjoy delivering the impossible, we can definitely say that this has been one of the most rewarding, humbling and proudest things we have ever done.

We can't change the course of the war, but with small acts of kindness, we can make big differences.

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