At Brightfrog, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and professional service. It is our aim to provide a level of consulting that is unsurpassed in the business world

Pharma Company

Brightfrog provided an exceptional people manager,  with a real knack of getting the best out of our team. He was very focussed, pragmatic, results oriented and  worked well under pressure. I would recommend Brightfrog to any organisation that needs a transformative people leader with a track record of delivering high quality solutions to aggressive time scales."

FMCG Company



"... one of the most measured, structured, and driven managers I have had the pleasure to work for. His ability to deal with all eventualities in a calm productive manner is a credit to him and Brightfrog and a joy to be around. Its these qualities that have made him an inspired mentor."

Healthcare Company #1

"... a highly influential member of the Leadership Team. Always positive despite an immense workload of complex projects."

Healthcare Company #2

"Brightfrog's consultancy skills in leading others, recruiting and developing the right blend of people, and adopting all the tools of performance management and team skills, have created a powerful blend of talented motivated individuals"



Healthcare Company #3

"He continues to make an enormous difference to the people who work for him, and those who around him, not to mention the business benefits of the programmes they deliver. I wouldn't hesitate to have a Brightfrog consultant on your leadership team."

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