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Project Recovery


Every company has them. Projects that just seem to plod from one problem to another and no one can really identify why? Is it an issue with the people running the project? Is the technology too difficult? Maybe the scope of the project was too ambitious? Did we invest enough? Who knows?


Well, that is something Brightfrog can help you with. We can quickly identify the major underlying reasons for the issues and either make the appropriate recommendations to solve them, or even roll our sleeves up and run the project for you.

How Healthy is my IT Dept?


Whether you are a CEO, CIO, IT director or even an investor in another company, it is often essential that you know how healthy your IT department is. Are all these issues really unavoidable? Are they just common place across most companies, or is it due to poor IT in your workplace?


Using our recently developed toolkit, we will be able to run a health check on your IT department that will show you exactly where you are strong and where you need to focus. Maybe it is on the project side, maybe your helpdesk, maybe your people, maybe your budgets? Maybe all of the above. Either way, Brightfrog will prepare a healthcheck for you and go through all the recommendations and even provide an interim manager to help fix them for you.

Interim Management


Our managers have worked at the top of their profession for some of the largest companies in the world. 


With an interim manager on board, you can benefit from their experience to help guide you through periods of transition, assisting with complex programmes or perhaps even covering vacant roles.

IT Strategy and Vision


The World of IT is changing at such pace that most companies are getting left behind when it comes to strategic direction. If your IT strategy has not been reviewed in the last 6 months, then it is already out of date.


What is your strategy when it comes to Digital? Data? Social Media? Engaging with the new breed of customer? 


At Brightfrog, by asking you some of these questions, we will help develop and launch a new IT strategy for you.

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